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Maof Company specializes in providing expert guidance and consulting services in unique and complex areas of quality assurance, standardization and cyber security.

With rich experience and a deep understanding of various industries, our team of consultants helps organizations optimize their processes, implement complex standards and fulfill unique customer requirements.

Whether supporting organizations while navigating the complex and evolving world of cyber threats or meeting the client's complicated and unique regulatory requirements, our team knows how to implement tools and methods while overcoming resistance in the organization, providing sophisticated solutions and careful management until the goals are achieved.

​The implementation of methods and tools from the world of quality is not simple since it usually interfaces with development, production and procurement processes and touches on a wide variety of issues within the organization. The manager and employees of Moaf are skilled and experienced both in the areas of management, implementation and control of processes and methods from the world of quality and in the areas of handling objections and "marketing" of the issues within the organization.

The company has implemented dozens of standards of different types, built quality systems and dealt with a variety of constraints and difficulties in these areas with great success and at appropriate times and costs for customers.



Israel Livne

Israel is a former Air Force man with decades of experience in diverse technological fields and in the field of aviation in particular, an expert in the establishment and management of strict and unique quality systems.
Israel served as the air force's quality manager and dealt extensively in all areas of production, deployment, development and projects, supplier control and management, testing, and more.
Israel is an engineer and certified in business management - MBA from Ben Gurion University, certified by the American Organization for Quality as a quality and excellence manager in organizations - CQM and a software quality engineer - CSQE. Has a very extensive background and experience in the fields of quality standards and methods and an expert in the implementation and integration of lean and quality systems in organizations and a lecturer in the civilian market in various settings.

​We support consulting, building systems, management and outsourcing through a very extensive basket of tools in our fields of activity for a variety of clients in the industry. Both for large companies and for companies with limited scope of activity and size.

We will be happy to give you advice and help you with the difficulties you face in our fields of activity.

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