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​Regulation and Standardization

What is regulation and what is standardization and why are they required?

​Regulation is a binding legal requirement built on binding regulations defined in Israel and the world - with which there is no wisdom and must be implemented.
Standards, on the other hand, are not binding but voluntary, except if there is a customer requirement for this and the company has decided to meet this requirement (you can always waive the customer...)
We deal with the implementation of diverse and numerous regulatory standards and requirements. The requirements of the global aviation bodies FAA and EASA and Israeli Civil Aviation Authority
to part 21 / part 145 and to various standards required by customers - see examples below

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​Prevention of counterfeiting of electronic components and materials. Required by super companies in the world of defense and aviation, deals with process assurance of components and materials.

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A quality standard for the automotive sector. Extensive and complex.
Deals with a variety of topics - risk management, product quality plan, SPC, MSA, defines applied methods and tools for mass production and is a prerequisite for production in the automotive world.

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The American Civil Aviation Authority that accredits European aviation standards 14CFR part 21, part 145
For the purpose of design approval, production approval and maintenance approval for airborne items in civilian aircraft licensed in the USA.



A requirement of the US Department of Defense states that compliance with the new CMMC standard is required.
Meuf is the first and currently the only company in Israel that has an official international RP certification for the implementation of CMMC.

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Building a quality plan for the product - APQP according to the requirements of the AS9145 standard for aviation and preparing a PPAP document in accordance with the standard

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A global standard for business continuity and functional continuity. An important and most sought-after standard in the world for emergency assessments and response to crisis situations.

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The Aviation Authority of the European Union which accredits European aviation standards part 21, part 145
For the purpose of design approval, production approval and maintenance approval for airborne items in civil aircraft licensed in Europe

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Advanced and complex quality standards for security, aviation and space. include an extensive and detailed series of requirements and include a deep and thorough inspection.

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Israeli Civil Aviation Authority 

with extensive experience in meeting the requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority.
Experts in finding customized solutions for complex requirements.




Our service guarantees complete  ISO27001 preparation. With an expert team, we carry out personal consultation according to the needs of the business while making sure to comply with the requirements of the standard.

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