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Quality Assurance

The implementation of methods and tools from the world of quality is not simple since it usually interfaces with development, production and procurement processes and touches on a wide variety of issues within the organization. The manager and employees of Maof are skilled and experienced both in the areas of management, implementation and control of processes and methods from the world of quality and in the areas of handling objections and "marketing" of the issues within the organization.

Our team has implemented dozens of standards of different types, built quality systems and dealt with a variety of constraints and difficulties in these areas with great success and at appropriate times and costs for customers.

Quality standards

​Quality standards​ In the quality market, there are a large number of standards beyond the well-known ISO series of standards. These standards require special types of specializations in their content and complex assessments in the organization.

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Fault investigation

We specialize in fault investigations and analysis of defects in organizations, products and services.
We are also involved in implementing basic research methods such as 5Y, 5M, fault tree and more.

Trainings and seminars

Conducting quality, safety and environmental trainings for companies, factories and their customers.

Building content and presentations adapted to the organization, conveying the material in an interesting and diverse way while involving employees and managers.

Audits and Supply chain management

​A visit by a professional for the purpose of an inspection at a supplier and getting a clear picture of his capabilities and the problematic places in dealing with him.

This service is usually intended for procurement and quality personnel who are unable to perform it due to extensive work scopes.

Risk Managament

Risk management processes are currently requested by customers and standards as part of company management and in a variety of topics - product quality, suppliers, production and development processes, and emergency and cyber assessment processes.

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​CISO and GRC services

Helps clients deal with security and integrity challenges in a professional and efficient manner. Provides advanced solutions for risk management, information security control, international standardization, complex customer requirements and more. 

Have you encountered a frustrating quality problem? Need a temporary creative solution and an immediate solution?

This is our specialty!

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