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Business Continuity

​Business Continuity - or by its other name - functional continuity means building a strategic and tactical capability of the company to provide an appropriate response in real time to emergencies/disasters and business crises, with the aim of continuing business activity at a level that will ensure the company's commitment to its customers and the continued existence of the company.

Acceptable areas to which the Business Continuity/Functional Continuity Plan refers - BCP:

  • War/terrorism

  • Fire

  • Damage to information systems

  • Epidemic/medical scenario

  • Natural events

  • Safety/environmental quality

  • Operational and supply chain risks

  • Communication and external resources

​Customers know that this is the Middle East and you never know when the supplier will not be able to provide service or meet its obligations.

Huge companies around the world want to ensure the ability of their suppliers to respond even in crisis and disaster situations, while continuously supplying products and services.

An effective business continuity mechanism is a business advantage over competitors who do not have a suitable mechanism.

Do customers demand business continuity from you?

​When an unplanned event happens, things do not depend only on the manager, his experience and ability to manage crises. They depend on managers and other employees, on the infrastructures that will function, on the media, on the public and on external factors and on a lot of variables over which there is no control.

That is why an emergency preparedness plan and organization preparation is required.
An organized and customized program for you and your organization that requires skill and preparation experience.

Preparation for emergencies and disasters

A business continuity plan analyzes the processes required for preservation during an emergency and crisis based on goals defined according to customer requirements.

Risk management is a tool used by many organizations to identify areas of potential damage to the organization's activities

Risk management

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