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​Consulting cyber standardization and regulation

​Cyber standardization refers to the orderly process in which the risk assessment for information security, the management of privacy processes, and the protection of information systems and networks against hacking and information security threats is carried out. The regulation includes a set of requirements for operations and controls that must be maintained in organizations designed to prevent, identify and deal with cyber threats.

In the modern age of technology, cyber protection is necessary for every organization. Cyber issues in general and the integrity of information have become a basic requirement from customers and accordingly required from every organization that is in the interface with them.

We'll be fine, what can happen?

​Loss of information and data

Disabling systems

Such as business, financial information, personal data of customers or employees of the organization. Such a situation may cause damage to the credibility of the organization and its products, lawsuits, loss of customers and financial losses.

Shutting down the organization's systems and harming the development, production and/or delivery of customer services.

Reputational damage

​When sensitive information is exposed, and the organization's services or processes are disabled, it may harm the organization's reliability and stability. Restoring the reputation may take a long time to regain the lost credibility and support.

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