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Advanced consulting services for US Department of Defense suppliers

What is CMMC?

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (or CMMC for short) is a cybersecurity certification required for any organization that intends to work with the US Department of Defense (DoD), or as a subcontractor of an organization working for the US Department of Defense in the coming years.

CMMC in its new version (ver 2) consists of 3 different levels of certification, each of which is adapted to a different level of information security required in the organization.

The level of certification required of each organization depends on the type and classification of information to which it is exposed during its work with the Ministry of Defense, and is defined in tenders that are distributed to the public.


Please note that CMMC definitions are dynamic, and are expected to be updated along with the industry, therefore CMMC certification is valid for 3 years, after which renewal is necessary. It should also be known that each certification level "contains" those that follow below it, that is, a certification for level 2 contains within it the requirements of level 1, etc.

How does the process work?

Preparing the organization

We come to your organization and identify gaps against the existing cyber defenses, analyze the gaps and create a plan to complete them (according to the level of certification required by the organization).

Level 2 or 3

Rrequires an evaluation  once every 3 years by an external auditor from an official body for certification on behalf of the DoD called Certified 3rd Party Assessment Organization (C3PAO).

We will accompany the preparation for the test, the test itself and answer the gaps if they are found.

Certified accompaniment

The process is carried out under the leadership of a Certified Registered Practitioner (RP) who is a certified implementer on behalf of CMMC-AB who accompanies the organization in the certification process.

We are the first in Israel to receive recognition from the organization.

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