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We are in a war
What about cyber protection?

​In these troubled days we learn from the media about incidents of intrusion into information systems carried out by hostile parties.

This is not the time to deal with standards and improvement processes right now. Everyone is in a frenzy, workers are recruited, orders are immediate, but now more than ever one must prepare for the gaps in the information systems and it must be done immediately!

True, there are anti-viruses and companies or IT support workers, but all of them provide a partial and limited response to preventing cyber attacks.

Such gaps are dangerous and, despite the load, require immediate attention and response. No one wants to fall for phishing or the penetration of a hostile party into their information systems. believe me Not pleasant at all.

​I thought about how to support and help customers in a simple way that would not be burdensome, would be possible to be carried out almost entirely from the outside and with limited involvement of the organization's personnel.

I think that providing a situational picture and immediate recommendations for the gaps and deficiencies found will help every body and organization. Certainly if it is done at a very low cost and with minimal investment by the organization.

​A few days ago, the National Cyber Array issued instructions for urgent actions to increase protection against cyber attacks during the war.

Some of them include several immediate actions and some actions that must be performed within a few days.

How to start?

The key is to identify the threats and risks, their level and the need to treat them.

Need help?

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